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10 Symptoms Of A Sore Throat

10 Symptoms Of A Sore Throat  : There are a few things that go into something hurting in (or on) your body. Sometimes it's illness, other times it's an injury and once in a while it's stress (exhaustion and actual stress). There are a few things to look out for when these symptoms begin occurring, especially if it's in your throat. These are the things to look out for when your throat starts feeling a little under the weather. Take a look below.

10 Symptoms Of A Sore Throat 


1. Your Throat Hurts (Duh)

The first thing you'll notice is your throat hurting. You may find it sore and disagreeable with heavier foods, especially things with carbonation or rough foods like chips. Usually this is a sign of impending sickness. Take into consideration your health: did you recently blow out your vocal cords singing? Were you are a rave and just partied too hard? Or are legitimately getting sick?

2. Pain In The Morning (Yum, Sinus Drainage)

This can be caused by a few things. At night, your sinuses will drain if there's anything backed up in the cavities. This means a couple things, one being that all night long, infectious toxins and other nasty gunk was flowing down your esophagus while you were sleeping. The second? That wonderful drainage will sit there and do nothing but fester, especially if you're dehydrated.
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3. Lymph Nodes

Another symptom of a sore throat related to a virus, bacteria or a neurological issue will present as swollen lymph nodes. Feel those firm spots back toward the back of your neck? Those are your lymph nodes swelling, a natural reaction of your immune system and the endocrine function of your body. This usually means infection most of the time, either viral or bacterial. It may even present with a fever that's tough to break (meaning you should see a doctor).

4. Difficulty Swallowing

You may find that even swallowing spit is difficult. That's really not good and means something requires attention. Luckily, modern medicine has ways around this. There are things to check for that we'll go over below that relate to infections such as strep. They're pretty easy to detect, too, if you know what to look for.
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5. Spots On The Back Of Your Throat And Tonsils

This means something is growing on your tonsils, most of the time being bacterial. Don't fret; this can be solved with gargling warm salt water. If you don't see a reduction in symptoms over the next day or two, you may need to get antibiotics (especially if you're peaking a fever).

6. Dragon Breath

If your sore throat is the result of strep, expect your breath to smell like the opposite of roses in the morning. Usually it's from germs and other wonderful things building up on the tongue and other areas, but it can go hand in hand with a bacterial infection.

7. Redness Of Throat

Redness means a couple things. One, it could simply mean you need to stop shouting your favorite lyrics to your favorite punk/metal/death/insert-core-here music and take a moment to relax. Warm tea with a bit of honey and relaxing your vocal cords for a while can fix this. If you're feeling ill, such as a cold or influenza, odds are it's viral. No, antibiotics do not treat a viral infection, so don't take the penicillin pills you have laying around from last time (this can cause secondary infection which is much harder to treat!). If you spawn a secondary infection, it will be much more difficult to treat and you'll get an earful from your doctor about being irresponsible with medicine.

8. Fever

As stated above, this is usually a sign of infection. If the fever doesn't stop and your throat only gets worse, go to a doctor ASAP. Strep can cause serious issues with your blood and other important functions in your body, so don't jack around with it.

9. Muted or Soft Voice

Laryngitis and a sore throat, oh my! The two are complimentary of each other. If your throat is sore and you're struggling to talk, you may have a combination of these two lovely ailments. Seek medical advice from a doctor or pharmacist at your local pharmacy.

10. Dehydration

So what happens when you can't eat or drink as much? Dehydration. What does dehydration mean? It's going to take your body a lot longer to get over whatever is bothering it. Stay on top of keeping your fluids up.

Bonus: Carbonated Drinks Burning Like Crazy

Your favorite soda is a bad idea while your throat is irritated and tender. The carbonation will further irritate it, causing swelling and drastically reducing the amount you can heal.


There's a takeaway with all this, too. While some of the symptoms aren't so serious, if you are having trouble getting water in your system, breaking a fever and your throat feels unbearable, you should seek medical attention. It means your immune system isn't exactly getting through like it should be and your doctor's treatment may be necessary.


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